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'Tickets Please' & 'Fares Please'

by Richard Peck

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An Elsmore Peck production

Includes Tramway, Bus & Ferry Tickets

of Australia & New Zealand

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Contact the author Richard Peck for any queries, re any section below or additions you may have to this work


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All blue links below are to pdf files


Tramway Bus & Ferry Passenger Ticket Contents:


New South Wales - Sydney

Where ticket values are given in each pdf file, these are only summaries

Tickets Please Introduction, Title & Preface

Prepaid Tramway & Bus Tokens

Cash Fare Tramway

Cash Fare Bus (Government)

Special Tramway

Horse Bus

Periodical Bus (Government)

Special Bus (Government)

Toll Sydney Harbour Bridge

Magnetic Normal Bus

Magnetic Special Bus

Private Bus Paper Tickets

Private Bus Paper Tickets after c1940

Ultimate & Solomatic

Machine Produced

Tolls Bridge & roads

Ferries Vehicle & Passenger

Ferry Government

Rail Government


Single Trip MyZone & Opal

Stored Value Cards

End of an era The End for NSW


New South Wales - Country & ACT

Fares Please Volume I Private Bus & Country NSW By Robert Merchant & Richard Peck Large pdf file - 358 pages

Fares Please Volume II Machine Printed Tickets. Newcastle trams & Government buses (1935-2017) used similer tickets to Sydney and are listed here

Country & ACT Broken Hill, Blue Mountains, Maitland Tramways


New South Wales - Newcastle

Fares Please Volume II Title

Fares Please Introduction

Tram & Bus Prepaid Token

Tram Cash Fare

Machine Fare

Tram Racecourse

Tram Special

Tram Weekend

Co-ordination Newcastle

Bus paper tickets 1932-1966

Bus paper tickets 1966-1991

Weekly 1947-1979

Newcastle Weekly Travel Pass 1979-1992

Metro Metro Ten

Metro Travel 10 Stats 1992-1997

Bus Quarterly & Yearly 1979-2010

Time Based Stats 1997-2010

Weekly Travel Pass Stats 1992-2010

Pensioner Excursion

Paper Tickets Stats

Tram & Bus To & From School

Passenger Ferries Stockton

Vehicular Ferries Stockton

My Zone Train 2010-2016

Opal The Opal Era

Special Special tickets



Tramway The Brisbane Tramways Co Ltd 4.1. Shire Tramway 4.10

Bus & Ferry Brisbane City Council Bus Services 3.1. Qld Rail Coordinated services 3.17. Private buses Generic tickets 3.18. Individual companies 3.19. Rail/bus 3.47. Bus freight 3.47. Tolls 3.48. Ferry & Freight 3.51


South Australia

Tramway The Horse Tramways 5.1. Metropolitan Tramways Trust 5.5

Bus & Ferry The MTT/STA 4.1. Private buses licensed by MTT 4.14. Transport Control Board 4.15. SA Railways 4.16. Private buses 4.14. Bus freight 4.19



Tramway Hobart 7.1. Launceston 7.3

Bus & Ferry Metropolitan Transport Trust 7.1. Transport Commission 7.2. Private buses 7.3. Bus freight 7.4. Ferry 7.5



Tramway-1 The Suburban Tramways 2.1

Tramway-2  The Modern Scene 2.2. Country Victoria 2.3

Tramway-3 The Provincials 2.4

Bus & Ferry MMTB Generic tickets 2.1. Private operators 2.4 Ferries 2.35


Western Australia

Tramway Perth 6.1. The Eastern Goldfields Transport Board 6.3. Fremantle 6.6. Kalgoorlie 6.7. Leonora 6.8

Bus & Ferry Metropolitan (Perth) Transport Trust 6.1. Private buses 6.7. Rail/bus 6.17. Ferry 6.18


Northern Territory

Bus & Ferry 5.1



Tramway Tourism & Museum. Australia 9.1. New Zealand 9.8



New Zealand

Tramway Auckland 8.1. Christchurch 8.29. Dunedin 8.34. Gisborne 8.38. Invercargill 8.38. Karori & Miramar 8.38. Napier 8.39. New Brighton 8.39. New Plymouth 8.40. Wanganui 8.42. Wellington 8.43

Bus & Ferry Auckland 8.1. Christchurch 8.8. Dunedin 8.9. Invercargill 8.10. Wellington 8.11. Private buses & rail 8.12. Ferry 8.15




Note: State Government Railway Tickets are beyond the scope of this book.

The author would like to thank the following collectors for their input into this book:

I would like to thank the following for their assistance (alphabetical order): Keith Atkinson, Dave Elsmore, Geoff Foster, Ric Francis, Ray Garlick, Max Hayes, Vic and Margaret Hayes, Robert Henderson, MEF Books, Robert Merchant, John Murray, Will Plumridge, Tony Presgrave, Graham Stewart, Greg Travers, Martin Walker, John Ward and Andrew Young. Special thanks is due to State Records NSW for permission to reproduce material

This publication is mobile phone & iPad friendly for ease of use in any auction viewing room, dealer shop or stamp show wherever you are in the world! Sure beats lugging around those big old catalogues


Contact the author Richard Peck for any queries, re any section above or additions you may have to this work

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